Plan of Organization

Article I. Name

The name of this organization as filed with the North Carolina State Board of Elections is Libertarian Party of Wake County, and this name is and will remain until such time its Members elect to change it as part of an update to this document. Accepted abbreviations of the organization’s name are as follows: LP of Wake County, LPWC, WakeLP, and Wake LP

Article II. Purpose

The Wake LP serves the following purposes:

  • Serving as a local affiliate of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC)

  • Maintaining a statement of key issues in Wake County and a Wake LP stance on those issues as a guide for Libertarian political candidates and office-holders within Wake County

  • Disseminating libertarian ideas by entering into political information activities

  • Encouraging Members to seek political offices throughout Wake County, and nominating candidates to endorse during elections for those offices

  • Recognizing and promoting local Libertarian organizations throughout Wake County

  • Endorsing and supporting Libertarian candidates running for offices on behalf of the LPNC and the national Libertarian Party (LP)

Article III. Membership

The following individuals are automatically recognized as members of the Wake LP, referred to as Members throughout this document:

  • Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC) members who are residents of Wake County

  • Libertarian Party (LP) members who are residents of Wake County

  • LPNC or LP members who are residents of a North Carolina county, provided that other county does not have an active Libertarian organization at its county level

Article IV. Provision of Officers

The officers for the Wake LP must be Members as defined in Article III, and must not be registered with the State of North Carolina with any recognized political party other than the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. Officers are elected annually at the Libertarian Party of Wake County Convention as defined in Article V, referred to as the County Convention throughout this document. The officers serve as executives both for the next County Convention and for regular business meetings as defined in Article VI, referred to as Business Meetings throughout this document. The Wake LP Officers are titled and defined as follows:

  • Chair – The Wake LP Chair serves as the chief executive officer of the Wake LP and will preside at the County Convention and at Business Meetings. The Chair leads or delegates the scheduling and announcement of all Business Meetings to ensure the Wake LP has at least one (1) Business Meeting per month. The Chair must provide the Secretary with a meeting agenda in sufficient time for the Secretary to distribute that agenda to Members prior to the each Business Meeting.

  • Vice Chair – The Wake LP Vice Chair serves to assist the Chair and presides on occasion when the Chair is absent from a County Convention or a Business Meeting. When there is a vacancy in the position of Chair, the Vice Chair assumes the office of chair.

  • Treasurer – The Wake LP Treasurer serves to receive, disperse, and account for the funds of the Wake LP. The Treasurer ensures funds and accounts are managed as described in Article VII.

  • Secretary – The Wake LP Secretary serves as the recording officer at the County Convention and at Business Meetings. Additionally, the Secretary serving at the beginning of the County Convention is responsible for publishing the minutes of that convention.

The Executive Committee may appoint someone to fill any officer vacancy.

At a Business Meeting, the Wake LP Officers may create or terminate additional offices or committees to serve supplemental purposes or to perform delegated tasks, and they may appoint Members to serve in those offices or committees. The title and responsibilities of each recommended office or committee must be defined in an appended statement to this document to inform other Members. Such offices are considered terminated at the next County Convention unless the Membership votes at that time to extend the office or modify this document to make the office permanent, and to elect a Member for that position.

Article V. County Convention

As an affiliate of the LPNC, the Wake LP holds a county convention annually prior to the LPNC convention that corresponds to the same year. The primary purposes of the County Convention are as follows:

  • To elect Wake LP Officers for the offices defined in Article IV

  • To elect delegates to represent Wake County at the LPNC convention

  • To nominate or endorse candidates for local, state, and Federal offices in Wake County

  • To adopt resolutions or changes to this document to better meet the needs of the Wake LP

The Convention Chair is the Wake LP Chair of the year leading up to the County Convention. Delegates at a County Convention consist of all current Members in attendance at that convention.

The Wake LP Officers of a given convention year shall set the date and location of the next County Convention no less than 4 weeks prior to the event. In no less than 3 weeks prior to the convention, the same officers shall announce the convention to the Membership in a reasonable combination of media with a concerted effort to reach all of the Membership.

The nomination and election of each Wake LP office, as defined in Article IV, will take place at the County Convention. Nominations for officers will be open to Members present at the convention, and any Member may nominate him- or herself without the requirement for a second. Officers are elected by a majority vote of Members present and voting, and newly elected officers take office immediately upon the close of the convention.

“None of the Above” is automatically considered a candidate on for all WakeLP votes, including for each office. Should “None of the Above” receive the most votes when voting to fill an office, that office will remain vacant for the convention term with the exception of Treasurer, which may be appointed by the other elected officers.

Voting on other matters will require the following:

  • Nominees or endorsements for state and county offices may be adopted by a majority vote of Members present and voting

  • Resolutions may be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of Members present and voting

  • Updates to this document may only be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of Members present and voting

Other orders of business at the County Convention are conducted under the leadership of the Convention Chair in accordance with the provided agenda and following an ordered procedure in accordance with Democratic Rules of Order (Francis & Francis, 9th ed.).

Article VI. Business Meetings

For the purpose of conducting its business, the Wake LP holds regular business meetings led by the Wake LP Officers. The primary purposes of a Business Meeting are as follows:

  • To provide reports from the Wake LP Officers to the Membership of the regular business conducted since the last meeting

  • To inform the Membership where it can be of service to Wake County on behalf of the Wake LP

  • To collect and allocate funds as described in Article VII Other orders of business at a Business Meeting are conducted under the leadership of the presiding officer in accordance with the provided agenda and following an ordered procedure.

Article VII. Provisions for Handling Funds

The Wake LP Officers under the guidance of the Treasurer are responsible for ensuring that funds are collected, dispersed, and accounted for under the following provisions:

  • Contributions will be used for their expressed or designated purpose when applicable.

  • Unallocated funds may be allocated for a specific purpose by a majority attending Membership vote at the County Convention or a Business Meeting. Remaining unallocated funds, not yet purposed by a Membership vote, may be allocated by the Wake LP Officers for a purpose necessary to conduct business.

  • The Treasurer must complete and submit an accurate bi-annual report to the North Carolina State Board of Elections as required by law for the Libertarian Party of Wake County to remain a recognized party organization.

  • Should the Wake LP ever dissolve, any monetary assets will be used to pay all Wake LP liabilities. If any assets remain thereafter, they will be donated to the LPNC or its successor.

As revised by the Libertarian Party of Wake County Annual Convention on March 11, 2015

Note—a significant revision will be proposed for approval at the WakeLP Convention on 1 March 2017. Please check it out here.

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