2016 Seed Money

Would you like to see a more peaceful and prosperous North Carolina, where every individual has the opportunity to pursue her or his unique vision of a rewarding and enriching life? According to Gallup, most Americans don’t believe the Democrats and Republicans can get us there…are you one of them?

We at the Wake County Libertarian Party (WakeLP) are working hard to promote our field of General Assembly candidates for 2016. We feel obligated to provide an alternative for the growing number of citizens of Wake County who are fed up with Democrats who want to tell you how your money must be spent and Republicans who want to tell you how your life must be led. But in order to succeed at leveraging our political influence at the state and local levels to effect policies consistent with libertarian principles, we need to become more competitive. And for that, we need your help! 


If you make a seed money contribution to the WakeLP, here is what you will help us accomplish between now and November:

  • Events—farmers’ markets, street fairs, gun shows, roller derby bouts…all great places to spread the word about liberty…some of these events allow us to set up a table for free, but most charge a fee, and some require insurance
  • Handouts—we have volunteers who are willing to go door-to-door in most of Wake County’s 200 precincts to find sympathetic independents, disaffected Democrats, and irritated Republicans…but we need a compelling doorhanger to leave behind, and other marketing materials
  • Outreach Programs—we need to mount social media, e-mail, phone, and direct mail campaigns to raise awareness about the WakeLP and our 2016 candidates
  • Candidate Services—the state party is handling candidate training, but we would like to be able to provide them with centralized campaign contribution disclosure reporting services, joint event coordination, and shared WakeLP-specific campaign literature
  • CRM Upgrade—to compete with the legacy parties, we need to upgrade both the functionality and the voter data capacity of our customer relationship management software
  • GOTV—our minimum target in each race is to attain a vote total that exceeds the margin of victory…to that end, waiting until next Fall to begin our get-out-the-vote organizing is not a good option

The WakeLP is the fastest-growing political party in Wake County by far, and has been for nearly a decade. Now it’s time to harvest some of that momentum and transmute it into political influence. Please help us make life better for ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and all of our fellow North Carolinians!

Who's donating

Committee to Elect Brad Hessel
Kenneth Penkowski
Brian Lewis
Lonnie Holcomb
Brian Irving
Brad Hessel
$1,518.97 raised
GOAL: $2,500.00
Law requires we ask for your employer and occupation. If you don't have an employer or are retired, put N/A, and if you are self-employed put "self-employed" in employer and describe your occupation.
Contributions are not tax deductible.

Note: we use Paypal to process donations but you do not need to set up or use a Paypal account to send us one.

If you prefer, you can snail-mail us a check made out to "Wake County Libertarian Party" (address below).

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