WakeLP Moves “Unofficial HQ” to Oak & Dagger

The Wake County Libertarian Party announced today their decision to move the site of their weekly Wednesday meetups to the three-month-old Oak & Dagger Public House at Seaboard Station in Raleigh.

“We’ve been actively looking for a new ‘unofficial HQ’ for several months,” stated WakeLP Chair Brian Lewis. “We wanted a place flexible enough to host both our informal meetups and special events when we have a guest speaker, and we wanted to be closer to downtown, but also have convenient parking. And we needed a place that could accommodate our growth, as average attendance at our meetups was up 75% in 2016. Oak & Dagger checks all those boxes.”

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Make Boards of Elections Nonpartisan

The changes to the makeup of the state and county boards of elections proposed by the Republicans is just another attempt to consolidate their stranglehold on the electoral system, the state Libertarian Party chair said in a statement today.

“Don’t be fooled. Calling this a bipartisan board is a smokescreen to hide the fact that this proposal is designed to shut-out the fastest growing segment of registered voters – independents and alternative parties,” said Brian Irving.

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WakeLP to Co-Host 2016 Election Night Party in Raleigh

The Wake County Libertarian Party will co-host an election party in Raleigh Tuesday night at which Libertarian Party of North Carolina candidates for Governor and US Senate will be the headline speakers.

  • Where: Proof Five Points, 1620 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh
  • When: Tuesday, November 8th…the party starts at 7pm; candidates will be available for interviews anytime but won’t be speaking to the crowd until the election results are reported
  • What: Cash bar; attendance and (while supplies last) finger food and soft drinks are free 
  • Who: Candidates expected to appear to give victory or concession speeches as appropriate include:
    • Governor—Lon Cecil
    • US Senate—Sean Haugh
    • NC Senate 15—Brad Hessel (Wake)
    • NC Senate 17—Susan Hogarth (Wake)
    • NC Senate 20—Barbara Howe (Granville, Durham)
    • NC House 11—Brian Lewis (Wake)
    • NC House 36—Steven Seay (Wake)
    • NC House 37—Rob Rose (Wake)
    • NC House 38—Olen Watson (Wake)
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