Biggest Bang for Your Political Buck!

“All politics are local.” OK, maybe not literally…but for sure most of the policy decisions that affect your life every day—property and sales taxes, zoning and rules concerning what you can do with your home or apartment, recreation, transportation, education, et cetera—are promulgated and enforced by local officials.

Help the WakeLP influence these decisions so as to afford you more choice! Your donation will help fund:

  • Recruitment and training of volunteers—some of whom may eventually become candidates—to cover citizen advisory board meetings and ensure the libertarian perspective is represented
  • Outreach efforts at local fairs, gun shows, farmers’ markets, and the like to spread the word
  • Phone and direct mail campaigns targeting independent voters and disaffected Democrats and Republicans
  • Infrastructure (e.g., NationBuilder, Ecanvasser, registration of our website domains) that enables us to compete with the establishment parties
  • Seed money for key Wake County political campaigns to fund professional head shots, ensure each candidate has a professional-looking website, and provide templates for yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, door-hangers 

In 2018, we ran the most candidates ever in Wake County. Statewide, five Libertarians “beat the spread”—got more votes than the difference between their establishment party opponents—and three of those ran in Wake County. The Libertarian vote could well have decided those elections, and that is the sort of result that gets attention from the pros…and more attention paid to our issues.

And that additional attention is paying off: in the last legislative session, the “Brunch bill” passed rescinding the total ban on the sale of alcohol on Sunday mornings and during this session, the cap on craft beer production was raised and many restrictions on craft distilleries eliminated. A modest start…much more to come.

So, please help do more to improve life in Wake County in 2020 and beyond!