2020 Libertarian Candidates in Wake County

President/Vice President

The national Libertarian Party National Convention selects our candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. The convention is scheduled in Austin, Texas May 21-25, 2020. North Carolina's non-binding Presidential Preference Primary March 3 will include these candidates (listed in the order they will appear on the ballot):

James Orlando Ogle
Steve Richey
Kim Ruff
Vermin Supreme
Arvin Vohra
Max Abramson
Ken Armstrong
Dan Behrman
Kenneth Blevins
Souraya Faas
Erik Gerhardt
Jedidiah Hill
Jacob Hornberger
Jo Jorgensen
Adam Kokesh
John McAfee

U.S. Senate - Shannon Bray

(303) 641-2445


U.S. House District 2 - Jeff Matemu


Governor - Steven J. DiFiore


N.C. General Assembly


N.C. Senate 14 - Justin Walczak


N.C. Senate 15 - Kat McDonald


N.C. Senate 17 – Travis Groo


N.C. Senate 18 – Jason Loeback


N.C. House 11 – Adrian Travers


N.C. House 33 - Sammie Brooks


N.C. House 34 - Michael Munger


N.C. House 35 - Michael Nelson


N.C. House 36 - Bruce Basson


N.C. House 37 – Liam Leaver


N.C. House 38- Richard Haygood


N.C. House 41 – Guy Meilleur


N.C. House 49 – Cap Hayes


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