The Hidden Cost in Medicaid Expansion

by Dee Watson
Libertarian for NC Senate 16

The politicians who argue that Medicaid expansion is “a no-brainer” and will cost nothing either are ignorant of the actual ramifications or deliberately ignore them.

These politicians don’t want to admit the possibility that some people will lose their subsidy on the health exchange, that families may lose their homes to repay expenses, or that millionaires may receive Medicaid.

For people 55 and older, Medicaid is not free health insurance. It’s a loan. In some cases, it has aspects of a predatory loan. Most people don’t know this. Politicians ignore this provision, but it’s disingenuous even to discuss expansion until people understand Medicaid Recovery.

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Wake Libertarians File to Challenge the Establishment

WakeLP at BOE

A Libertarian Party candidate will again contest most of the state legislative seats in Wake County (17 of 19). Libertarians contested 14 districts (of 16) in 2018 and 13 in 2020. Our candidates have filed with the Wake County Board of Elections.

The candidates are; Michael C. Munger (Senate 13), Matthew Laszacs (Senate 14), Sammie Brooks (Senate 15), Dee Watson (Senate 16), Patrick Bowersox (Senate 17), Ryan Brown (Senate 18), Joshua Morris (House 21), Chris Costello (House 33), Kat McDonald (House 34), Joseph Serio (House 35), Kyle Ward (House 36), Christopher Robinson (House 37), Chris Mizelle (House 38), Michael Nelson (House 40), Travis Groo (House 41), Michael Oakes (House 49), Micao Penaflor (House 66).

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WakeLP Growth Slowed in 2021, Still Topped All

Wake County Libertarian Party’s market share of voters, the percentage of registered Libertarians, increased by four percent in 2021. Although down from 7+  percent in 2020 and the smallest annual increase this century, the growth was still greater than that of unaffiliated (independent) voters (+3 percent), Democrats (-1 percent), and Republicans (-4 percent).

“Dissatisfaction with the establishment parties is not a new thing or a flavor-of-the-month,” noted WakeLP Chair Travis Groo. “In 2000, 79 percent of all Wake County voters were registered Democrat or Republican. Now their combined share of all voters is down to just 59 percent.

“That’s a significant decline, but what’s particularly notable is that the market share growth of independents has out-stripped both the Democrats and the Republicans every single year since 2001. We’re looking at a powerful long-term trend,” he added.

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