Meet Dee Watson, Libertarian for NC House 49

Dee Watson is the Libertarian candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives District 49.

Dee has devoted her professional life to oncology research. She believes it’s the most effective way to minimize the devastating impact of cancer.

She was born in upstate New York near Buffalo. The network of academic institutions and industry in the Triangle made the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill her first choice for graduate school in 1996.

She met her husband there, and in 2003 they moved to Cary, to be close to the SAS daycare.

Dee was a statistician at Duke University for 10 years and contracted to the pharmaceutical industry as a statistical programmer for 10 years. She’s currently a statistical programmer in clinical trials at Provoniz, a contractor for GlaxoSmithKline.

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Meet Mike Nelson, Libertarian for NC House 35

Mike Nelson is the Libertarian candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives District 35.

Mike was born in New York and came to North Carolina in 1997 after graduating from Whittier College in southern California.

He’s worked at IBM since 1999, currently as a manager supporting critical customers of IBM Cloud offerings. He said IBM has given him the wonderful opportunity to travel the world, meet some wonderful people, and “see the sights.”

Mike served on the board of directors of the former Raleigh Ensemble Players, embracing the degree in theatre arts he received at Whittier. He’s also served as president of a local homeowners association for nine years.

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Meet Travis Groo, Libertarian for NC Senate 17

Travis Groo is the Libertarian candidate for North Carolina Senate District 17.

Travis was born and raised in Texas but has lived all across the south. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from the University of West Florida. Being Texas born and bred, Travis understands the value of independence and raising a family in a free society.

He’s a father of two, a loyal friend, and a businessman in Cary. He works in the transportation/logistics industry as a pick-up and delivery driver for a major trucking company, Old Dominion. He’s been very busy during COVID-19 making deliveries to essential businesses including hospitals and grocery stores.

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