Fund the Fed

Folks used to hearing libertarians rant on about the Federal government’s spendthrift ways were startled to see the Libertarian Party of North Carolina collecting money earmarked to pay down the national debt at the North Carolina State Fair this year.

“Of course, we oppose the mandatory income tax as a means of funding the Federal government,” explained volunteer Jonathan Hopper. “But if anyone wants to pony up their share of the debt that’s been run up prosecuting the failed War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on Terror, bailing out banksters, and funding sundry corporate welfare programs, we’re fine with that.”

The initial donation on display at the booth is from the party itself. “We were considering arranging for extra security until someone pointed out that all the $100 bills are stage money,” said booth manager Brad Hessel.

“We do want every citizen to know their share of the debt is $86,765,” added Hessel. “And that includes kids, so if you are a parent with dependent children, be sure to include their share of the debt in your household budget calculations.”

“Well, actually, that $86,765 figure is from last Saturday,” added Hopper. It’s higher today.”

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WakeLP Chair Condemns Mark Robinson “Filth” Rant


Raleigh [Sat. Oct. 16, 2021]—“Sexuality and gender identification are diverse and innate characteristics individuals are born with, and no innate characteristic should ever be referred to as filth,” said Travis Groo, chair of the Libertarian Party of Wake County in a statement issued today.

He said Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s statements about the LGBTQ community are “unacceptable.” 

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Sheriff Candidates Participate in WakeLP Sponsored Forum


Raleigh [Wed. Sep. 22, 2021]—A standing-room-only crowd packed Tobacco Road tonight to attend a Wake County Libertarian Party-sponsored forum for the nine announced candidates running for sheriff. The candidates who participated included Democrats Randy Baity, Joe Coley, Tommy Matthews, Willie Rowe, and Roy Taylor and Republicans David Blackwelder, Donnie Harrison, Stephanie Hopkins, and Tivon Howard. Current Sheriff Gerald Baker, a Democrat, did not respond to an invitation to attend.

After each candidate took a couple of minutes to introduce themselves, forum moderator Ken Penkowski asked some two dozen questions, directing each one to one or more candidates in order to ensure each candidate got roughly equal time. Consequently, every candidate did not have the opportunity to address every question. Here is a summary of their responses:

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