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Raleigh Police Department Attorney Targets Peaceful Protester, Files Contempt Charges Against Monica Ussery

Raleigh Police Staged Arrest

Raleigh Police Department made peaceful protester Monica Ussery the example at a protest on April 14, 2020.  The public was recently reminded of Ussery's unconstitutional arrest because an independent journalist, Stephen Horn, tweeted out the body camera footage, contained in brief clip.

The leaked footage is fascinating, as it demonstrates what total monsters people in positions of power will be if given the chance. The police describe the threat of arrest all because someone told, “Bond to pound sand.” Raleigh Police Captain Dedric Bond is the leader of the staged arrest. That's right... a staged arrest. This is unthinkable. 

What did the Raleigh Police Attorney do in response to the leaked videos? She retaliated against Ussery issuing a Motion For Order To Show Cause. It is time to say "ENOUGH!" The full body cam footage should be released immediately... 3 years is too long! We must help victims like Ussery in fighting this costly and seemingly endless legal battle. Contribute to her fundraiser via the online link. 

Request Chief Estella Patterson release the 4-14-20 tapes by sending a quick request: [email protected] and please share with your networks! We as Libertarians should elevate Monica Ussery's story! This happened right here in Raleigh. Read about it here. As one activist writes, “imagine legal woes piling up, and all you did to end up in jail was participate in a peaceful protest in Raleigh, North Carolina.”

Thank you in advance for getting involved. Together we can help to make this world a more free, peaceful and prosperous place to live.

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