General Assembly Candidates File

Wake Libertarians will be contesting nearly half of the county's 16 General Assembly districts. Five candidates filed today and two more will file Friday.

They are:

  • Brad Hessel, 62, of Raleigh, a knowledge management consultant - Senate 15 
  • Susan Hogarth, 49, of Raleigh, a research assistant - Senate 17
  • Brian Lewis, 43, of Cary, a communications technician – House 11.
  • Brian Irving, 67, of Cary, a retired Air Force officer and freelance journalist - House 36.
  • Rob Rose, 60, of Apex, a senior support analyst - House 37.
  • Olen Watson, 44, of Raleigh, a construction project engineer, - House 38.
  • David Ulmer, 43, of Raleigh, a network engineer - House 49.

Contact information here.


The WakeUp Liberty 2016 Slate: (From left, standing) Brian Irving, Susan Hogarth, Rob Rose,
Brad Hessel, David Ulmer, (seated) Sean Haugh, Lon Cecil, Olen Watson.

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