State of WakeLP

The Libertarian Party of Wake County is in “decent shape” in 2020 and getting better. That was the word from David Ulmer, county chair, to the delegates assembled February 26 for the annual county convention.

“WakeLP is in decent shape,” Ulmer said. “As in 2018, we’re taking a team approach to the 2020 campaign. People from the 2018 campaign are doing the same job in 2020; people who’ve done it before and have the experience.

Our 13 legislative candidates will run on the same issues. This year they are school choice, privatizing the ABC system, and housing affordability.

“These issues are designed to work in Wake County,” Ulmer said. “Wake County is trending left, it’s going blue. Raleigh is deep blue, and maybe there’s a little purple around the edges. So we wanted to appeal to voters with issues that appeal to them.”

We chose these issues based on analysis of polling results.

“Wake candidates will focus on under 40 votes who probably only show up in presidential election cycle,” Ulmer explained. “They show up to vote for president, maybe one or two other candidates, but they are flexible.

The most critical point, he said, is that they’re not hardcore committed to the Democratic or Republican party.

That’s something to consider when interacting on social media, Ulmer observed. “Arguing with ardent Trump or Bernie supporters is not productive, and probably not advancing our cause,” he said.

“The people we’re trying to reach may not tune in until two weeks before the election. We should spend our time focusing on our issues and educating undecided voters.

Ulmer admitted WakeLP is not quite hit the mark recruiting volunteers. He said the party has not brought in many new people with the skills it needs.

“We need to have depth and strength, and not have to depend on one or two people,” he said. The key is to ask more people to participate. If you ask five people and only two say yes, that’s OK, he said.

“The goal is not to ask, ‘What more can I do,’ but, ‘who can I find to do more,’” he concluded.

DiFiore for Governor

The convention also heard from Steve DiFiore, Libertarian candidate for governor. View Steve's comment here.


Vote in the Presidential Primary

Every registered Libertarian should participate in Libertarian Presidential Primary tomorrow. North Carolina is one of the states participating in the Super Tuesday Primary Day – March 3. 

The 16 candidates on the ballot, in the order listed on the ballot, are:

James Orlando Ogle
Steve Richey
Kim Ruff
Vermin Supreme
Arvin Vohra
Max Abramson
Ken Armstrong
Dan Behrman
Kenneth Blevins
Souraya Faas
Erik Gerhardt
Jedidiah Hill
Jacob Hornberger
Jo Jorgensen
Adam Kokesh
John McAfee
No Preference

Registered unaffiliated voters can also vote in the Libertarian primary, or pick one of the establishment parties

Polls open statewide from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Go here to look up your voter registration, find your voting place, and download a sample ballot. Voters are not required to show a photo ID.

Check out or calendar of events.

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