Transportation Policy to be Discussed at WakeLP Meetup

The Wake County Libertarian Party will host a discussion on transportation policy starting at 7:30pm tomorrow night, Thursday, September 29 at The Gourmet Factory on Western Boulevard. Moderated by Brian Lewis, Libertarian candidate for NC House 11, this will be the fourrth in series of meetups that address key issues leading up to the election in November. 

“North Carolina is a place where individuals succeed through voluntary social cooperation solving humanity’s most critical challenges through free market innovation with dignity, respect, and understanding,” said Bruce Basson, WakeLP Vicechair. “Better transportation is a prerequisite to fully achieving that success.”

“We should not be funding costly inflexible solutions that might not solve future problems,” added Lewis. “Bus Rapid Transit is scalable and affordable. More should be done to encourage private investment and look ahead to the day when self-driving cars may be on our roads.”

The full schedule of events includes:

All the meetups are scheduled to be held starting at 7:30pm EDT at the unofficial HQ of the WakeLP, The Gourmet Factory on Western Boulevard and will be webcast live. For more details, check out the WakeLP Facebook events page or the Triangle Libertarian Meetup page.

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