Travis Groo for Holly Springs

Travis Groo

Our Chair, Travis Groo, is running for Holly Springs Town Council. He is a principled and a self-motivated human, and a proud dad of two wonderful kids, who believes that hard work always pays off. He works towards a free, peaceful, and prosperous world where every individual has the opportunity to pursue their unique vision of a rewarding and enriching life. Groo is defending all of our freedoms, all of the time. He believes individual rights and private property should be securely protected and preserved for everyone. 

Groo says, “Holly Springs is growing fast. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing places in North Carolina. It's my opinion that the current Council has done a fine job of governing the Town, and I commend them for that. With the rapid growth, also comes the growing pains and unforeseen issues. We see this as a good thing, but on the other hand it can be problematic. Traffic is getting much busier so roads need to be built, widened and expanded. My focus is that, although expansion and new infrastructure is a good thing for some, we’re absolutely allowing the Town to grow in a smart and equitable way, while also protecting private property rights.”

His concentration will be on these issues:

  • Ensuring that there’s no abuse of power in the form of eminent domain. It can destroy lives and livelihoods by uprooting people from their homes, businesses, and communities. I want to make sure we are exhausting every single possible effort to reach out to the private property owners and private landowners before any decision is made.
  • With the current high inflation, housing affordability is on people's minds. As the Town continues to grow it’s vital to allow for various types of homes, and allow for builders to have the freedom to be creative in the development of affordable rental units. I propose we place a 3% cap (per year) on home tax assessment values, so the people of Holly Springs can afford to stay in their homes that they love.
  • Being fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars. We must always remember who’s actually paying for things, and get the public opinion and consent before moving forward on any project. It’s the people’s hard-earned money being spent. I will put the taxpayer at the heart of all we do, with sustained outcomes, built on foundations of doing the right thing, both financially and ethically.
  • Responsibly managing the inevitable growth that comes with living in such a desirable area. Holly Springs is poised for tremendous opportunity that needs to be carefully managed and evaluated so we don’t have to fix something later. Let’s do it right the first time. I want Holly Springs to grow in a responsible manner, which means also protecting private property rights.
  • The function of a Town Council member is — foremost — to protect the health, safety, and welfare of his/her or their fellow citizens. I propose that the Town allow for greenhouses and gardens for the use of the community. Many native plants appropriate for those purposes are expensive, and some are not available in Holly Springs. The citizens who enjoy volunteering on environmentally-important projects could use the greenhouses and gardens to raise those plants from seed, thus advancing the Town's goal while at the same time enjoying the company of their neighbors in critical work.

With your help we can ensure that the voice of the people is heard and that our communities become stronger, freer, and more prosperous places to call home. Join us in supporting Libertarians as they become the catalysts for positive local change in North Carolina, creating a brighter future for all. If you're interested in donating to help our efforts we'd really super appreciate it and you can do that hereHelp us influence these decisions so as to afford you more choice!

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