Wake County Libertarians deliver fresh produce to Raleigh seniors #WeWill

The Libertarian Party of Wake County and its members continue to make service to others in their community a top priority with the delivery of fresh groceries to area seniors.

On a chilly Saturday morning in January, members of the Libertarian Party of Wake County left the warmth of their homes and families to gather in a warehouse around a table piled high with boxes of fresh produce. Over the next hour, the group would assemble nearly 100 individual bags, filled with collard greens, potatoes, onions, bananas and more, each earmarked for a senior citizen who may have had difficulty stocking their pantry during these cold winter months.

Patrick Bowersox, Secretary of the WakeLP and coordinator for the effort noted, “People coming together to support each other and our community, in good times and tough times, is an important part of the voluntary commitment that Libertarians share.”

After the produce-assembling production line made quick work of packing, bags were loaded into the group’s cars and SUVs and transported across town to a six-story senior living facility. Going door-to-door with a bag of fresh groceries and a smile, the Libertarians personally delivered the food to residents.

“Other people see the needs of our neighbors as a responsibility they can just vote away. We do not,” stated WakeLP Chair David Ulmer. “The path toward liberty also comes with a duty to step in and work together so that no one is left behind as we pursue a free society.”

With every level of government moving further and further into aspects of individual lives, it is easy to assume that some bureaucracy will take care of society’s needs. But when someone asks, “Who will make sure our seniors are cared for?” Libertarians answer #WeWill.

The group was met with kind words and appreciative smiles from the folks receiving the bags, thankful for the nourishment and thankful just knowing that others were thinking about them at this time of the year and at this time in their life.

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