WakeLP Convention Set for April 21

The annual Libertarian Party of Wake County Convention is set for April 21 at 7 p.m. in our usual meeting place, Tobacco Road Sports Cafe. Wake Libertarians will be able to attend both in-person and online via Zoom.

Business includes electing a new executive committee, including a chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer, and one at-large member. We will also review the Plan of Organization and select delegates to the LPNC State Convention in June.

You must pre-register and provide an e-mail address you can access during the convention if you expect to attend as a delegate.

The WakeLP Executive Committee decided to use an online balloting system, OpaVote, to manage votes and elections at the 2021 WakeLP Convention, pending the delegates' consent. You would need access to the internet to receive e-mails and navigate to the balloting website to record your votes during the meeting. This holds for both remote and in-person delegates. There is free WiFi at Tobacco Road.

WakeLP Plan of Organization

We'll be considering two proposals to edit and amend the WakeLP Plan of Organization. 

The first is basic grammar and style changes to tighten the language. This proposal also includes a substantive amendment to add to the treasurer's duties the responsibility to fulfill the legal obligations required by NC law. Please read it here.

The second proposal is to amend the plan to implement ranked-choice voting for all our elections. Please read it here.

If you plan to attend as a delegate or are just interested, please read both proposals. You can post comments if you wish. You can review the current plan

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